Cairngorm Club Journal

In the summer of 2021, the current editor of the Cairngorm Club Journal Jean Robinson, got in touch with me following a conversation she had had in the hills, with someone who had mentioned Ivor as a previous club member and his connection with the Cairngorms.

I contacted Ivor and we chatted with Jean about the Amphibians Club connection to the Cairngorms Club (all of the original Amphibians had been members of the CC). I agreed to put together a piece for publication and sent it to Ivor for a read-through before sending it over to Jean.

Ivor replied with the following “….. Actually I’m delighted with your article because I’ve always wanted known our C.C. origins. Must dash, but I just had to congratulate you on a wonderful effort. Hope it is printed in full.”

And so it was printed earlier this year, Jean was king enough to send me 2 copies, 1 of which I posted off to Ivor in NZ.

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